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Zhiyun Evolution 2

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Zhiyun, a Chinese manufacturer of gimbal systems, introduced a series of new stabilizers for cameras at CeBIT 2018, Europe’s business festival for innovation and digitization in Hanover, including the newer version to the handheld gimbal for GoPro Actioncams Zhiyun Evolution, which was presented as Zhiyun Evo 2.

As Evo 2  Zhiyun introduces a new handheld gimbal with 3-axis stabilization for the action cams of GoPro. It is designed to respond to movement and sudden vibration with precise compensation for improved performance due to improved engine performance. In addition, it offers complete protection against splash water to protect the electrical components, as well as an easy-click connection, to allow quick and easy change.

By simply triggering a button, EVO 2 immediately activates the full potential of motors and enters into full-speed following -Beast mode to realize scene transition.

Newly added POV mode allows synchronous roll axis movement up to 45° by following your movement, which adds an interesting dynamic to your scene in first-person perspective.

With ZY Play APP or an extra remote controller, the gimbal allows for more flexible team cooperation or even be your teammate itself when shoot alone.
*Remote control requires connection to Wireless Thumb Controller or APP

EVO 2 is endowed with various timelapse features, such as motion timelapse and hyper timelapse, helping you to capture the passage of time in motion.It can also keep your camera perfectly still and stable when shooting slo-mo at 1080p, 240fps, and enhances the smoothness in footage when shooting at 4K 60fps. You can see no compromise in video quality even when playing 10 times slower.
(The availability of slo-mo feature depends on the action camera)

You can access Gopro functions with the buttons on EVO 2, to switch between video and photo taking, or to enter Beast mode to step up your games in various occasions.

With more powerful batteries on board, the gimbal can run up to 12 hours on a charge and can directly charge your action camera, offering enough endurance for adventurers.

Ultra-lightweight ABS composite materials are adopted to replace heavy aluminium alloys. Non-slip and sweat-proof design are incorporated in the handle grip to enhance the hand-feel while giving you a secure hold.


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